Alabama Football: Ole Miss fans confident Lane Kiffin will hire Pete Golding

Whether it remains only rumors or if there is a more sound basis for conjecture, Ole Miss fans are confident Alabama Football, DC, Pete Golding is moving to Oxford. And most of them are quite happy about it.

Multiple Ole Miss message boards have lengthy threads about how Lane Kiffin will restructure his defensive staff. There is more on that below for Alabama football fans who are interested.

What is of more interest to Crimson Tide fans is why the transition has not yet taken place. Based on conjecture on my part and nothing more, it is because of Nick Saban. Pete Golding could leave the Alabama football staff without Saban’s blessing. My guess is he will not choose to exit in such a manner. A further guess is Lane Kiffin does not want to disrespect his former boss by hiring away any coach until Nick Saban agrees.

If that conjecture is correct, the slow process might be caused by the time it is taking Nick Saban to hire his next Defensive Coordinator. Alabama football insiders believe Saban knows who he wants and has known for at least a few weeks. But until a deal is 100% done, Nick Saban will not show his hand, lest it not work out and he has to move on to his second choice.

Maybe connected to the slow process or not, Ole Miss fans think Kiffin has not moved to fill his opening for a cornerback coach because he wants to include a new Ole Miss DC in the process. Kiffin lost fast-rising assistant, Sam Carter to Purdue.

Saban’s Choice for Alabama Football Defensive Coordinator

Alabama football insiders are tight-lipped, but many Crimson Tide fans think the guy is Jim Leonhard. Leonhard is in heavy demand as he chooses his next spot, after Wisconsin. He is also believed to be on a short-list to become the next Cleveland Browns DC.

Many Wisconsin fans have their enthusiasm dampened for the Badgers hiring Luke Fickell because they believe Leonhard deserved the head coach job in Madison.

Some Alabama fans are confident Saban will bring Jeremy Pruitt back as DC. While that is a possibility, it does not fit any ‘why is Saban taking so long’ thinking.

Ole Miss fans are already projecting how Kiffin’s staff will be structured after Golding joins Ole Miss. Many think Chris Partridge will remain but will be Co-DC in title only. Ole Miss fans are excited over the prospect of Golding’s recruiting skills and unlike many Alabama fans, they also value his play-calling.

Why would Pete Golding make what is below the level of a lateral move? One hunch is, it is because, in Oxford, he would have complete control over the Ole Miss defense.